What Does it Mean If My Term Life Insurance Policy is in Force?

Published: 11th August 2010
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A life insurance policy doesn't do you much good if it is no longer in force. So how do you keep your policy in force? By definition, a policy which is in force is one on which the premiums are being paid or have been fully paid.

Your term life insurance policy is the printed document which serves as the contract between you and the insurance company. It includes such information as the agreed upon coverage amount, the term of the contract, the payment amount, the named beneficiary, and any secondary and beneficiaries. You have decided to mitigate the risk of an early death by agreeing to make regular premium payment. As long as you make timely payments the policy remains valid and enforceable.

And how does one go about getting term insurance in the first place? More and more individuals seeking term insurance quotes turn to the internet. Go online and search for life insurance quotes and select any of the numerous insurance quoting sites there to choose from. Most have a quote form on their home page. Answer a few simple questions about your age, where you reside, your gender, the amount of coverage you are looking for, the term you want the policy to run for, and hit the submit button. Quote sites have access to dozens of insurance providers databanks and use you information to receive rates from all of them. Your quote comparison is returned in an instant. Generally, you would check out the quotes for varying coverage amount and varying terms for the policy. All of the data you need can be obtained in a few minutes.

At that point it is a matter of selecting the coverage and term of the best term life insurance quote. Keep your payments current as agreed upon in the policy contract and your term insurance will remain in force.

To compare free instant life insurance quotes right now, visit LifeInsureMe.com. The company has over 100 insurance providers in its database that it uses to find the lowest possible rate for you. The life insurance quotes process is easy and a quote takes just seconds.

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